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Purchased Honda Benly 125T

Posted by djoneseu on June 9, 2009

After much deliberating I purchased an old Honda Benly 125T (CD125T), for those that don’t know its a 125cc learner legal Twin. Meaning it has two cylinders and is a four stroke motor.

I usually drive 4 wheels, but having once owned a Suzuki GP100 I thought I’d give it another go. Especially as I’m now near London where the traffic is …terrible. I figured I should get more recent practice before doing my full test and jumping on a bigger bike. Firstly I really dislike the image that unfortunately ‘some’ UK motorcycle riders portray, I’ve never seen statistics for motorcycle related deaths but I cant help but think the massively powerful race orientated bikes are somewhat to blame.

Secondly I like the outdoors and have a strong dislike for smelly 2stroke scooters and Aprilia 125s…who doesn’t? So I went for a boring, slow 4 stroke twin instead. Yes its probably a bit slow for many UK roads, yes I probably look like I’m on a 70’s motorbike, yes I’m probably too young to be wanting a bike like that. But to be honest I don’t care, it’s cost me very little and I guess I must be old before my time. (I’ve had an 80’s sports car already – Toyota MK1 MR2)

I have a thirst for information and am going to try and share some that I have gleamed from remote (and not so remote) corners of the web.

No MOT, plenty of surface rust and running on one cylinder

No MOT, plenty of surface rust and running on one cylinder

So there we have it, a pretty odd looking machine considering its manufacture date of 1995, It’s an import (Asia I presume).

Imported in 1999, it has about under 28 000 kilometres on it and is only running on one cylinder… but it does run very well just on that one cylinder!

Trip to Halfords and I picked up some Oil & spark plugs. Threw a set of plugs in and both cylinders fired, they seem well balanced to.

I purchased a Haynes manual, oddly this bike is the same as the UK spec 1982-85 Benly 125T. It just shows how little these bikes have changed as the same chassis and engine are still produced around the world.


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