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A Little progress

Posted by djoneseu on December 9, 2010

I found some specs regarding threads per inch and feed rates for the mill when sold as a closed loop system.

The Maxnc 15 specs I found were as follows:
Max nc used acme thread with 16tpi and some of the newer ones had 20tpi.
The screws are 1/4 inch with plastic bsa nuts that can run up to 20-30 IPM (inches per minute).
The table is 4″ x 18″ with 3 0.500″ t-slots
The max travel is x12, y8, z10 which for my calculations is x302.26, y127.00, z152.40
The default spindle is 1/8 tappered collet with a max rpm of 10000. It is a 1/5hp belt driven system.
The steppers are 145oz, max 50ipm
Accuracy is listed as 0.00025″
Please now these are the stock options, my maxnc15 when purchased from ebay had no electronical components whatsoever, just the frame.


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