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FOG 0.29 network deployment in action, windows 7, F.O.G

Posted by djoneseu on November 19, 2010

I’ve setup FOG 0.29 (network deployment solution) at work to deploy and update around 120 computers expanding to 200+ in the next six months. It’s free and seems to do the job brilliantly, I work for a large UK University and am keen to help others move away from antiquated deployment techniques.

So far we have 5 classrooms with 2 different hardware configurations running on the same image which DOESN’T need to be sysprepped! *yippee. FOG actually images, changes the hostname and then joins the computers to the domain in the correct OU 🙂 the software supports CSV files so importing and setting up computer groups was straight forward.

It has already saved my team loads of time and means we can push out major software deployments without having to fiddle with MSI & transform files. Bare in mind too that a lot of the educational software we use and trial isn’t designed with network deployment in mind so can be a pain, not to mention things like realplayer, quicktime etc. (yes I know they can be made to work & there are alternative versions, realplayer may seem legacy now but if you make us of BBC archives it is required).

I will be putting up a lot more information on our setup when my current major project is over (department relocation into newly refurbished premises).

If you’re stuck using FOG I’ll try and assist, I’ve spent enough time learning it I might as well put that knowledge to good use!


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